Student Ministry

Connect Student Ministries (CSM)

What is CSM?

CSM is a place you can come to make friendships that will last a lifetime!


All of us are looking for acceptance, meaning, and a bright future. At CSM, we believe you can find that acceptance and meaning through friendship with God and others. Friendships determine the direction and quality of your life. We have a 3 step process to help you find this acceptance and meaning.

1. Be Consistent. Great friendships don’t happen over night. They take time. Make a commitment to join us each Wednesday night as often as you can!

2. Join a small group. Small groups allow you a space to share struggles, get encouraged, and encourage others. When we start opening up to each other, great friendships can begin!

3. Attend an overnight event. Each year we have 3 big overnight events. They include a Disciple Now Weekend (basically a huge sleepover with your small group), a Connect Summer Camp, and a Mission Trip to Mexico. There’s no better time to make incredible friendships than an overnight event!

If you can be consistent on Wednesday nights, join a small group, and attend at least one overnight event, you will have friendships that will last a lifetime!

- Guntersville Youth Pastor Robert Ekis  facebook